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Who We Are

Who Are We?
Meet The Team!

Miss Luna the Secretary, David and Braxtin!

Luna The Secretary



Receptionist in Training  

Bark bark, my name is Luna I am a Terrier Lab mix I think... no one really knows but I'm cute and that's all that matters. I like to greet everone who comes into the shop, I know how to shake and spin in circles, I love good scratches and chasing things that I can't catch. Fetching is the name sleeping is the game. 

I keep David and Braxtin in line when I'm not sleeping which explains why I only get paid with treats... ZZzzZzzz.....


David Wietzke

Founder and CEO

PPF Specialist

I'm David, and I have over 8 years of detailing and PPF experience.  I value honesty, attention to detail and quality, which pushes me to do better every day. With my experience and attention to detail, I can help you enhance the quality of your vehicles appearance and keep it protected for years to come. My favorite part about being a detailer is bringing a smile to every customers face and being easy to work with.

In my free time I enjoy road trips, spending time with my dog Luna and going fishing.

Who are we Who are we Who are we


Braxtin Bolden

Founder and CEO

Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Specialist

Hi im Braxtin. I have been detailing for over 9 years. Over that period of time I have developed a constantly growing  passion for enhancing, and preserving the appearance of all types of vehicles from classic restorations, to modern supercars. My favorite part of detailing is when the customer comes to pick up their car and says "it looks better than when I bought it!" and trust me, we've come to hear it a lot.

In my free time I love cooking, taking care of my ever-growing collection of plants, hiking, and driving!

Who Are We?
Our Story

Braxtin's love for detailing was born in 2011, detailing his moms car and quickly became family friends and neighbors. His first job was working at a car wash. Soon after he moved into the dealership world working as a detailer to expand his knowledge and skillset. Fast forward to 2018 he left to another dealership and soon after met David.

David's love for detailing started in 2014 when he started working on his first car. After working at a small hardware store and soon working for the family business mowing lawns and landscaping he needed a change in scenery. In 2018 David got his first profesional detailing position and met Braxtin.


A friendship was born and the rest was history. In early 2019 they started detailing cars outside of work together in the evenings and on weekends and more often than not working from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. building a reputation and re-imagining your detailing experience. David and Braxtin soon moved to a large detail shop and began dialing in their craft, David focused on Paint Protection Film and Braxtin focused on Paint Correction. After 3 years they were scrolling through craigslist and stumbled upon an opportunity that they couldn't pass, and City Wide PPF and Detail was born in February of 2022.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we couldn't do it with out you.

David and Braxtin

Who Are We?
Our First Cars

1998 Volvo S70

1998 Volvo S70

1993 Volvo 850 GLT

Volvo 850
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